About Heart Rhythm Week

From 2-8th June 2014 Arrhythmia Alliance will be holding its annual Heart Rhythm Week which gives everyone the opportunity to raise awareness and promote better understanding of heart rhythm disorders.  

The first Awareness Week was held in 2004 following the formation of an alliance between charitable organisations with a common interest in arrhythmias.  This group successfully lobbied for a new Chapter on Arrhythmias and Sudden Cardiac Death in the National Service Framework (NSF) for Coronary Heart Disease, which was published in 2005.

Heart Rhythm Week 2014

This year’s Heart Rhythm Week (2-8 June 2014), will mark Arrhythmia Alliance’s tenth anniversary milestone, celebrating ten years of progress in arrhythmia care.

Heart Rhythm Week will look to educate and celebrate the amazing progress that has been made across arrhythmia technology, resources, and policy guidelines as well as share good news patient stories to illustrate the changes.

What does Heart Rhythm Week involve?

  • Raising awareness by holding awareness events such as pulse check clinics and cardiac cafes, where members of the public can learn more about the symptoms of heart rhythm disorders and learn when to seek further advice from a healthcare professional
  • Community education and fundraising events  
  • Highlighting local activities and events to the media
  • Providing awareness packs for people to spread the word about heart rhythm disorders in their community

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