What is Heart Rhythm Week?

Since 2004, when Arrhythmia Alliance successfully lobbied for a new Chapter on Arrhythmias and Sudden Cardiac Death in the National Service Framework (NSF) for Coronary Heart Disease, which was published in 2005, the week has been synonymous with activities across the globe. From pulse checks in Perth, Australia to an arrhythmia Information Bus in India, Heart Rhythm Week is a time to join in and help ensure we make a difference.



 Madras Medical Mission celebrates World Heart Rhythm Week in 2010.




What does Heart Rhythm Week involve?

  • Raising awareness by holding awareness events such as pulse check clinics and cardiac cafes, where members of the public can learn more about the symptoms of heart rhythm disorders and learn when to seek further advice from a healthcare professional
  • Community education and fundraising events
  • Highlighting local activities and events to the media
  • Providing awareness packs for people to spread the word about heart rhythm disorders in their community

Everyone can join in, from downloading the Know Your Pulse fact sheet to share with a friend, to holding an event, fundraising, making a donation, joining Arrhythmia Alliance or distributing information and awareness materials.

Heart Rhythm Week 2014, 2-8 June

Celebrating its tenth year, Arrhythmia Alliance’s Heart Rhythm Week 2014 brought together tens of thousands of people with one shared vision: To raise awareness and understanding of arrhythmias.

THANK YOU to everyone who supported Arrhythmia Alliance Heart Rhythm Week 2014 and joined us in Celebrating Ten Years of Innovation and Advancements in Arrhythmia Patient Care. Your support has made a difference in helping to protect the many millions of arrhythmia patients worldwide.

Read more from those who have benefited from greater awareness and access to therapies here.

Learn more about Know Your Pulse, the importance of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in the community on our satellite website Defibs Save Lives here. Arrhythmia Alliance and many of the devices and therapies that can save lives, restore hope and ensure improved outcomes for arrhythmia patients and their loved ones. You can view information resources developed to help people newly diagnosed or considering treatment options for heart rhythm disorders here.

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