One simple thing you can do to support Heart Rhythm Week 2015...

Join our Thunderclap and help us save lives in a single click!

Arrhythmia Alliance has started an online campaign to raise awareness of sudden cardiac arrest and to help stop 100,000 needless death a year - 'Now is the Time'.

If you’re wondering what Thunderclap is, think of it as a social media flash mob; it’s completely safe and will automatically post our message on your behalf.

It takes just seconds, all you have to do is click here to join and choose either "Support with Facebook" or "Support with Twitter" or even better - both!

‘Now is the Time’ - support Heart Rhythm Week 2015!


Thank you to everyone who joined our Thunderclap 2014 campaign, which was distributed at 08:30 on Monday 2 June. It reached 530,971 people, helping support education around the importance of a simple pulse check in saving lives.

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